#cleanmingo April 9, 2016 update

12994468_10209436038244385_3379483553718715630_nAs we continue to watch God orchestrate some awesome things here in our region, and people are continuing to ask, “How can I get on board?” we want to extend this offer. Our students at Regional Church of God are conducting a fund raiser for a summer missions trip and the offering for this fund raiser is trash bags. In addition, since we believe God is drawing a region together in unity, the bags will be printed with ‪#‎CleanMingo‬. Your support will allow you to get on board with what God is doing among us all! Division is all around us in this nation, and friends, “It’s NOT WORKING!!” We are one people in this region, I hope you will find a way to join in! Let’s all gather before the Lord, put our trust in Him and seek to find how we can be involved in what He is doing here! Some leaders in our region have already purchased bags for the 2-fold cause. Duke Jewell, Justin Marcum, Dr. Beckett, Harold and Nannie Davis, Diann Hannah, Lonnie Hannah, Thomas Taylor, and Jim Webb. Will you join? Will you contribute?

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Safety Tip:

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